What You Get

    1. Welcome! Here’s how to get started.

    2. Treadmills, Training Adjustments, and Footwear

    3. Would You Be Willing to Share Your Data?

    4. How to Get Tech Support and Other Help

    5. Guidelines for Children

    6. Guidelines for Walkers

    1. Q&A Call Schedule

    2. How to Join and Submit Questions for the next Q&A Call

    3. Q&A Call Recordings

    1. Webinar: The Balanced Approach

    2. Your Week One Feldenkrais Lessons

    3. Loosening Up to Run Main Lesson

    4. Loosening Up to Run Refresher

    5. Loosening Up to Run Advanced Version

    1. Webinar: The Keys to Becoming a Balanced Runner

    2. Your Week Two Feldenkrais Lessons

    3. Fast Forward Main Lesson

    4. Fast Forward Refresher #1

    5. Fast Forward Refresher #2

    6. What If You’re Not Feeling Anything?

    7. Bonus Lesson: Free Your Feet

    8. Bonus: The Stop-Start Game

    1. Webinar: Cadence and Breathing

    2. Your Week Three Feldenkrais Lessons

    3. Perfecting Your Footstrike Main Lesson

    4. Even Balance Main Lesson

    5. Week Three Check-In

    1. Webinar: Warming Up, Cooling Down, and Cross-Training

    2. Pre-Run Warmups and Post-Run Stretches

    3. Your Week Four Feldenkrais Lessons

    4. The Scissors Main Lesson

    5. The Scissor Refresher

About this course

  • $300.00
  • 50 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content